June 17, 2024


There is only one bed…

Axel doesn’t know what to do when he accidentally gets booked into the same room as his old college rival. He never wanted to see Bo again. Much less sleep in the same room with him–or in the same bed.
Axel’s not going to share the bed, and he’s NOT going to sleep on the floor.
He’s not gonna let Bo win again.

Approximately 13,500 words. Featured tropes: enemies to lovers, forced proximity, and a well-deserved spanking

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Whenever Andrew brings a date home from his job at the strip club, his neighbor’s dog ruins all his fun with his barking. One night Andrew has had enough and goes to confront his neighbor, only to find himself face to face with someone he never thought he’d see again.

Short story, high heat level.

Approximately 6000 words.

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