June 17, 2024

5 thoughts on “Chapters 3 and 4

  1. I laugh when Zach entered the room to inquire if everything was ok… best sight to see…LOL

    By the way do we put suggestions or corrections in this comment section?

      1. Chapter 4
        1. That was a thought that didn’t sit right with me, Emmy was an adult now, and being disappointed cam part and parcel with that [. but it still felt wrong that I shouldn’t be able to protect him from that.”

        Option: The part with Emmy was an adult now,….”and being disappointed came part and parcel with that.[” maybe you could say; “Emmy was and adult now and being disappointed (is a part of life).

        2. “At the first attempt to move Emmy made…
        Correction: At the first attempt Emmy made to move Beggles stared at him accusingly.

        Chapter 5
        Towards the end of second paragraph:
        “A common problem with his breed, as I’d come to find (out)..

        Part 4
        “Would I have to get naked?” Zach asked
        I took a moment to consider..?
        Hell, yes. But if I told him that he might had (have) to undress, would he nope (opt) out of the whole thing?

        Chapter 8
        Aunty Rosy’s letter to Emerson.

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