June 17, 2024

Feb 23 –

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8 thoughts on “Feb 23 –

  1. I knew where this was going, but it was hard trying to read faster to get to where you said yes to my thoughts. Good, good chapter

  2. Sweet, I love that scene.. OMG. Zach got blown by a guy. Maybe he’ll chalked it up to being in the heat of the moment. And on the other hand he’ll be questioning himself more..
    I am absolutely loving this whole story..
    I can’t wait to read BounceAndPounce’s remarks..
    And I hope we can fund out who BounceAndPounce and Cuke are.

  3. This story just keeps getting better. I don’t even know what to write which will tell you how great I think it is. Thank you so much for posting for us.

  4. Yes as Jane said, Thank you for posting, for allowing us to read and comment on your work, and giving us access to your cave.
    Thank you.

    Zach and Emmy’s story is wonderful..

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