June 17, 2024

March 7

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11 thoughts on “March 7

  1. Ok, the set up is good with the birthday party coming up. Can’t wait to see how you turn the whole thing upside down when people there find out our two love birds are together.

  2. Gimme Gimme.
    I want more.
    This story is getting so interesting..
    I’m still trying to find out who Cucumber and BounceAndPounce are.

    I love that part when the guy came up to them at the restaurant, he ate his food first so it won’t go cold, then came over to Zach and Emmy while there are eating and won’t leave, then he wanted Emmy to sign something but he need to go to the bathroom to sign it… LOL

    Ana the things you come up with… loving every word of this book.

    1. corrected
      Lex is jealous that his family takes more notice of Zach than they do him… that’s why he went for Betty knowing that Zach was into her.

  3. “But something Emmy had said earlier kept nagging at my brain, and before** I got to the bottom of it, I couldn’t take that step.**(missing something ….[[[and before anything goes further, I need to get to the bottom of it,]]] ) Not before I knew exactly what was going on with Emmy.

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