June 17, 2024

Short Story

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10 thoughts on “Short Story

  1. More, I need more. This is gonna be good.
    You left me on a cliff hanging.

    Hummus the Hamsters…🤣😂🤣😂,
    Good one. Nothing but originality.

  2. Loving it.
    I wanted Cam to have a “Prince Albert” or one of those penis jewelry…

    That was some great smut you wrote there…
    Keep it coming..

  3. Slowly, I circled the chair, lightly touching the hemlines (neckline) of his shirt.

    Cameron’s eyes flicked to the discarded piece of fabric (before), [did you want to add something more here?]

    When I sat down on his lap, (when) my ass met with the bulge in his pants.

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